Another POST Finally, this blog was in a coma

I've got some new poems up on Notnostrums
along with Francesca Chabrier, Coco Dwo, Jeannie Hoag, Zach Savich, and other Western Mass celebrities.
Also, a story in the new Noo Journal in an issue with Jack Christian, Jono Tosch, Chris Cheney and way more, put out by mastermind Mike Young.

In addition, I want to share some of my M-Soft Paints, and say that if anyone wants to commission a potrait, dreamscape, or birthday card, etc, I am open for business


Jimmy Chen said...

these MS drawings are great!

candle_face said...

Thanks so much Jimmy! its so exciting you left a comment because i've never got left a comment before, also something is wrong with the comments setting on the blog and no one thought i'd ever successfully conceive a comment........