My electric guitar got soft over time

here’s some romance (!)
go stuff your face

apocalypse means everyone dies and we are left
like when the football game stopped so we could 69
then the game resumed and your team had lost not so gracefully

football is cocky badasses in costume
basketball is the soul game of the body

I can get cozy understanding this moment
butt then I’m unprepared for the next

like I fill a bowl with cereal
butt then the milk is really gross
I throw up
butt half-heartedly

you screwed my girlfriend
all my loose-leaf paper (!)
my parents flipped out
my dog was disappointed

you boning my girlfriend was like burning a snow angel into slush and you told everyone and
yoga was supposed to calm my arms and legs into more agreeable confidants
butt instead I saw some guy’s balls by mistake

my rabbi bewitched a teenager
the teenager was hospitalized
the hospital was graffitied

my graffiti was scrubbed by city workers
my graffiti you can still see to this day

my girlfriend did you
and she does it really good

I’d be a badass if I didn’t feel so bad about my body
my family wasn’t dysfunctional
I was the only one
my guitar was blue and then it bled

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Judith Beheading Holofernes said...

-90, -70 and -60mv, -90 and -60