The body it was lumpy

it was not mine, it was older. To remove a hair, it must get struck by lightning. The Cinemark kept showing movies, but there were little cut marks on the film. There were neon lines blinking across. This wasn't that Stan Brak?ag?e? shit. This was a mistake.

That game where you guess how many minutes are left on the meter, where you loosely add up the time, but then grab the number nearest to you. Today I lost at that game.

I went into the bathroom at Bruegers. I only feel self-assured in Bruegers. I need an excuse to get into the weather. If no task asks, I stay inside. I'm jealous of the mice in my walls who are friends.

If we all have this lump, the hanging down thing hanging down low in our throats, clear iron spit in the sink, then I say we're weak. We're weak and heavy, this town has us and keeps us, we're sick and living, its really unoriginal.

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