the body

the knee was swollen

the hands got pins and needles
the leg muscle was twitching

the body has its own stash of pins and needles
but uses it sparingly

noses have holes
ears have holes

the mind might imagine the body was hollow
was just a soft shell
but everything in there disagrees

the body is liquid
and mushy and
massive and pumping
growling and gurgling and
locking and stretching
like putty and pushing and fatty and water
and dreary
like pizza and swamp thing, its pulsing, its veiny and oozing, the body is browning, its up late and flowing
surrounding the skeleton
blindly its waiting


M. said...

I like the very long sentence. It sticks out like a sore thumb, and I like sore thumbs.


candle_face said...

Thanks Miranda! Are you secretly posting your poems anywhere i can find?

M. said...

I don't have any secret poems anywhere except my friend put one of them up on the blog she made for the chapbook press she's trying to start: http://saynopress.wordpress.com But it is only one poem. Still, it is in secret.