Its always someone's birthday

i stayed up late with the blog in the hospital

it was bloated and big

for every day, there is a response in stuff
I thought
plastics and text messages
a dish does its job
then looks icky in the sink

the blog was incoherent
it didn't mean what it said

pregnancy gives you a door prize
it insisted

I felt sad and wanted to leave

the blog said, its a birthday, i can't tell it, but i know somewhere, i can see all of them, everyone's day, i know the symbols, im glad for words, im glad i had them, my early years, a grand mistake, a bullet makes big moves, a friend can wither, a computer, a computer

the blog bled
i called the nurse

the nurse said
the problem is its a part of you
its connected through tissue
we've seen this before
its not unusual
we can do a procedure
your insurance would cover it
there's a video
we could film it
so you could hold on
its a hard decision
i've taken the liberty of making an appointment
talk to the counsler and see what you ultimately want
in this day and age
of course
i understand
ill give you a moment

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