story a day #1

The dinosaur was muddy and eating bananas. It was male. It stomped through a patch of flowers. A dog rushed at its legs and the dinosaur gnashed its teeth. The dog took off in the other direction, dirt flying from its paws. It was hot and the dinosaur sweat out his eyes. His skin was rough like tree bark. His teeth were shiny with drool and glinted in the sun. He ate some flowers, and then he chewed a mouse. The mouse's tail whipped wildly against his tongue, making the dinosaur twitch. The dinosaur swallowed and could feel the lump sinking down his throat. The dinosaur's swinging tail whapped into a tree. The pain was dull, it told him where the tree was. He forgot he had just eaten a mouse, and saw another one like it was the first one. There were dozens of sounds, but he was used to them. There was a worm in the ground, he could feel it on his foot but could not reach it. He kept stomping around. He saw an explorer and ate him. A big camera was crushed between his teeth. The camera battery gave him a jolt, and the lens was crushed into shards of glass, embedded in his gums. The dinosaur tried to lick the glass out. His blood tasted like rust. His tongue was cut and one part flapped against the roof of his mouth. He took one huge claw and scraped his gums and tasted more blood. He spun around and ate more from the banana tree. The soft bananas slid down his throat, but every bite sent the glass further in. He opened his mouth, and his stomach pushed a low sound that grew and stretched out in the air, it hung in the air, it vibrated.

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