a person wants everything

a person wants everything to have a face
a person wants an animal to fall in love

a person wants perfect weather
but tries to enjoy surprise weather

a person drinks water and drinks water and is sick of water
then a person drinks water and thinks
Oh water, water is one of the prettiest
water is the best thing for the mouth
water hides inside us and we like that

a person sees sleep as a place and likes the gradual trip
There is sleep and we'll go towards it
a father tells his kids

stuff will clog our rooms
our ear hairs will die
where a person once saw an afterlife, I saw a blank screen
scissors and coins and crap lay on my dresser
the light bulbs continued their life
crazy women jumped out windows
then my friend spotted another, but I thought it was just a road stop, a rest stop
I said, Lets just wait for the next stop, I don't yet need to pee

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