its messed up that people can be mean to our parents

we are busy with lives
our parents are soft and lolling
and strangers can get mean

I hover in a business meeting
watching my mother try to change lanes
panes of glass separate us
Let her in! I yell
but the driver is a stranger
he doesn't care
he doesn't know
to him, me and my mother are unattractive

that just boils me over
everyday I make myself up for strangers
i don't want to offend anyone with uneven skin

when I'm around strangers I feel crazy and wash my hands in a tense effort of determined nonchalance

when strangers are around me they ignore me completely with total self-absorption

I have a picture of you when you were still a stranger
I aimed my phone at you and copied you and met you and now its me plus you
treading through the natural world and meeting the elderly and the house-less
grocery shopping in a more relaxed way than when im by myself fighting the public's nonchalance with my own amateur nonchalance

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