I was high with a fish
it was pretentious (my friend's friend)
"This world is un-generous" it said
its mouth puckered and sucked

This world is spacious, I knew
its air is clear, except when smoke
a rain can tweed it
a snow just loves it

a man jumped from the bridge and we laughed
a man on the bridge laughed and we rolled our eyes

a family knows you when your dumb
it loams around while 

I used to hang out in photographs 
eating birthdays, growing sideways

"The word 'cast' shouldn't go with 'shadow'"
an object could lean 
a tree could cover light

hide that cigar in the grass 
please wait while I get my phone
we pushed a door that gave into a room the same size as ours but empty available and yearning with boredom

this is the kind of room you could get good at gymnastics in
there were onlookers to this wedding
there were kids crying they felt so intact

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