my mom fell during ping pong

My mom fell during ping pong.  Face down in the carpet.  Our paddles were old and cracked. They made a red rubber dust on the table.  People say I look like her.  My face stretched with crying.  Everyone laughed.  My mom made fun. She said she was fine.  Her sneaker was torn.  Later, she'd admit that her hand did still hurt. Later, we freaked out at each other and my friends laughed more and said me and my mom were like two sides of a mirror and it was like one person freaking out at themselves.  We had released a squirrel from my dad's trap. "That is like putting your finger in your father's eye," my mom said.  The squirrel had stuck a tiny hand out the cage, and dug like to start a delusional hole to China.  His arm was so like the arm of a cartoon squirrel.  We released him and he zagged.  We saw a snapping turtle standing near the highway and tried to nudge it.  Its eyes were wet and personal.  Its beak was wry and cruel. We tried to and it snapped.  We were impressed and estranged from it.  My friends left and it was me, and I went outside and saw a cat puke.  I put peanuts in my dad's trap and reset it. Earlier, there had been a groundhog and I gave my friends the binoculars.  Since my dog died, a massive movement of life has bothered his area.  Once my dog was sleeping and wild turkeys slinked across the yard.  My mom would stack tennis balls in an "art installation" for him to destroy.  He flipped his food on the ground.  He did not eat his hair like other dogs do. Now we are impotent and bored.  The ride was short and now its done.  No one will love us except each other and not with any guts or pep.

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