the spoon

his name was Spoon and he was only inches
he came onto me and everyone giggled
the fruit salad mixed and blended until it all tasted the same

Spoon thought he could make me feel good
"I already feel good" I lied

the party was for Celeste, but really it was a surprise party for Molly
Celeste was crushed

at parties like this I got into conversations then abruptly drifted towards the food 
a guilt wagon, longing in no directions, eyeing my shoes by the door

the spoon danced around badly
"Where did you get him?" everyone asked
"At the magic store on Route 10"
"How much ?" asked Molly, drunk and happy
"ten bucks"
"Ten bucks?" I said absently
"Too much!" the spoon replied and gaily tripped on the table

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