the general seriousness of the adventure

the princess and the general embark on a dangerous mission
essentially comic, eerie blue-green

two terrified, bickering bureaucrats accidentally discover a camp
causing a hideous chain reaction
a period of civil wars

the princess is two hundred pounds of “aura”

the bureaucrats ride on the back of a storm, to a desolate rest stop in the wastelands

they discover boys (aged 15 to 18)
the boys laugh in anticipation of the princess
they stop laughing, but the laughing continues

they look around amused
the general insists they all return to their homes
they say they have no place to go and begin to party

one night the party reluctantly accepts the presence of the general

one of the boys is weird and erotic
a group of bullies begin to taunt the boy
worse comes to worse
and he is slashed from chin to groin with quiet dignity, in a matter of seconds

the general feels safe in raging air-to-air battle
the boys begin to maneuver toward the forbidden

everyone safely drifts to the foreboding surface
the general, the princess with “aura”
they are watched by a giant, who quietly disappears into the foliage

aliens sling along the road
the group is surrounded
the aliens give out puzzles and jabber to themselves
one storms off in disgust and makes a laser

unknown to everyone, the general grabs an alien and tries to communicate, but all he can make out is that the creature worships him and wants him
the alien is lounging, obviously waiting for something

the princess' arrival is a huge parade
drunken bureaucrats stagger down an empty street arm in arm
realizing that they have been adventuring with demigods

the general and his army of youthful warriors make plans to rescue
the nose of the Emperor,
(the center of the galaxy!)

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