idyllic genius friend

is it late for love?
a glimpse of what
the drifting temperature

do identical twins dream?
one boy completes another's
dancing on the interstate

from the eye, witness the death of idyllic genius friend

about this stuff
poems, essays, plays, stories, novels, films, comic strips, magazines
every old spell to the point of bursting

sometimes a soul can heal by saving a crushed little girl and a pony

to keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting Mother Teresa higher than people
eagles never fit in

an unfairly imprisoned father protects his only son from a child prodigy!

a beautiful tortured writer met his idol, and vanished

Bel is the hot girl, the one all the boys fantasize about, but
why does she spend time with Dave?

Dave is not the typical psychotic
he is something more

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