Sing radiohead like something has gone wrong

we made fun of Maycock
that kid doesn’t know his pants are called Khakis
he thinks his dick is for peeing only

karaoke is praying
if you do it right
biblical holograms of high school bedrooms
your voice reflecting in the glass

Drew destroyed songs until they were just familiar
embarrassing stories about yourself
he found the very center and squeezed it to death

I tried hard not to hook up with this boy
weird hugging on the bed
The part of CPR when you break the person’s ribs by mistake
we lay there attacking each other’s character
complimenting each other’s body

Ten take away six plus four
Take away seven
Plus three

and what about the music we make in cars
when no one is sitting shotgun
no one carrying the radio like a football (snug) (well)

no poetry looked so humble as the kind flowing up the karaoke screen
color moving left to right
each word getting wet

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