the brinking point!

the literary agencies called my parents
and I got in trouble
and I liked it there

I gave myself a daring haircut
like I'd always thought was suiting for the brinking point of something dramatic

I did all the dramatic things
like running the wrong way on an escalator
ripping a letter to shreds

breaking a plate on the table
wiping a booger on glass

my friends finally emailed
they said, "how are you"
and "what is new"
I watched them get pushed back and back into older pages

there have been so many businesses I have almost made
bright, floppy businesses
that one might run fervently, lazily, obscenely easily

tvs look so ominous!
the internet waves on fire

I bought the bad shiny magazines
I was addicted to school!

the jobs bounced off me comically

the shower kept going and going
it's liking us!
it did feel like that
it kept complimenting us
and holding us
it was heating us
like to show we were powerful
it heat us and beat us nicely
but then the soap gave me hives

though I have mostly new clothes
I can't help but picture all my x boyfriends
running around in a field
one of them has a video camera
and the others are strongly opposed

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