the NFL wakes up when it sleeps
she snores when she snuggles

I read the Murikami book all winter and it grew pages
the character watched people's faces for a whole chapter and ate donuts
I had my own name when I read that book
something the character called me

the NFL is too tired to stretch
she lumbers up the stairs

she sat on my origami mansion when I was a kid

what do I know?

I babysit lofts in Brooklyn
I keep them company

once I saw the NFL in person
she breathed light into my eyes
it was thanksgiving
she picked up the other team's play phone as a joke

the Murakami book could crush some origami
it is fatter than the Bowles book
it is reading the Richard Hughes book

I babysat a loft that had an Italian bathroom you could see into
I found the Murikami book by itself
it was too quiet to watch tv
my friends were all with other friends
I felt like my own boring secret
my phone was sucking up a charge
the loft was full of art and money
there were several beautiful hundred dollar bills in a spread on the desk
it was like a good hand of cards
it seemed exactly like a test

the NFL is too huge to sleep
she goes crazy when she's good
her heart slams
she dances
she wants us to watch her

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