the Bears: Philip, Fancy, and Craig

during the lunch-time lull
a girl danced in front of the cage

recently escaping her mother
the girl shimmied around like a famous girl on tv

Craig dropped his doughnut immediately and it made a dull ffp
Philip slowly rotated his head
he scratched his eye

sunlight hit the girl's braces and blinded Fancy when he looked up
he chased the red spot
ran into the pond

the girl laughed and she danced and danced fast
the zoo worker looked up from his cellphone and almost smiled

the bears congregated in the gazebo

the zoo worker loudly tried out ring-tones

the bears whined a sound like wood scraping wood

the wood rubbed the girl's ribs

she stopped dancing and the wood hit wood and hit her mother

her mother was so ready to scold but heard

Craig's hairs stuck out from the wooden whine

an ant discovered the doughnut and feasted for hours

Fancy's whine dropped pitch and now there was harmony

the zoo worker could not hear ring tones

the girl became unafraid

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