buying money

I really really miss buying money
I would use my socks and my candy and I would buy money
a good alternative for someone with old items

the pink toaster, feather headdress, cute lamp, Merlin’s hat, hot pink calculator, deluxe toothbrush set, my pet balloon

I would lay it out on the trundle

this was usually after we ran the pro races
he wore the entire pro athletic clothing set (shoes, vest and shorts)
my pocket was puffed with cash

we ran one pro race per day
then bathed
and did homework

he brushed his teeth with my deluxe toothbrush
and I brushed with an ordinary one from the store
then I bought money

I knew about money
that it piled exact and thin
that it bundled in families and waited in suitcases
it could turn at any moment into a pool
or a fat fat turkey
a dripping diamond necklace

it wasn't trash, though it smelled so old

but he displayed his clothes in his room
it was filled with things
it had grown into materials
he had more yo-yos than days of the week
he wore his pro sleepwear
he was a mansion owner in his bedroom
and he was only 5

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