Summer Update

Last month I was interviewed by Yahoo Sports Blog: Ball Don't Lie about my Basketball Player Paintings.
Ball Don't Lie's Dan Devine asked me how I got interested in basketball, about the Miami Heat Sleepover, and other things.

In early November I will be having my first NBA art show at The Rendezvous, a really cool bar, restaurant, gallery and music venue in Turners Falls, MA.

I'm pleased to announce my poetry collection "MOODS" will be published by Factory Hollow Press in 2013, alongside other great FHP books like Crashdome (by Alex Phillips), and Beauty Was the Case They Gave Me (by Mark Leidner), and the newly published Experiments I Would Like Tried At My Own Death (Caryl Pagel), and forthcoming Sign You Were Mistaken, Seth Landman's masterpiece I have been reading poems from for years.

I wrote a screenplay with the poet/director Noah Gershman.  It is called "The Last Good Car."  Actors Jason Ritter and Mark Webber have attached themselves to the project, and last month they were joined by the amazing actress Kara Hayward (the female lead in Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom").  Hayward mentions her plans to act in our movie in her interview with the Wall Street Journal's Blog.

The great site Two Serious Ladies showed some of my digital quilts...

Here is the flyer for my Fall Workshop at Flying Object: