Minutes after being defeated by the Chess Machine, I've decided to update my blog

Poet/singer/songwriter/tennis figure, Mike Young was featured alongside debut novelist Christy Crutchfield in the Hampshire Gazette!  Our doorbell has been ringing nonstop with local fans asking Mike to sign their bodies.

Atlanta mastermind Blake Butler called "Sprezzatura" Mike's best book in his Vice Review.  Both Young's and Crutchfield's new books are available by the always relevant, always progressive Publishing Genius Press.  Look to PGP in the upcoming weeks for Madeline ffitch's first book "Valpariso, Round the Horn." (!)

I'm flattered that Brooklyn MFA star Jacob Kaplan (guitarist in the band Perfect Teeth) mentioned the poems I wrote in Western Beefs of America as part of his monthly column in the culture goldmine Impose Magazine.

Eagerly awaiting Mark Leidner's Western Beefs post, but in the meantime, here is a newer version of my favorite poetry performance of last year, Leidner's dance poem.

Here is a Weezer song you've probably never heard.

Here is a Velvet Underground song you've heard.

This is sort of old news by now, but more than thrilled that Harper Perennial is going to publish my first novel "Paulina & Fran" in 2015, and that Granta Books will release it in the U.K. in 2016.  So Glad to have met my agent Claudia Ballard and editor Cal Morgan!

Really loved the new Ben Lerner novel "10:04".  I've mentioned this on almost every platform I can think of: word-of-mouth, email, fbook, goodreads, repeated word-of-mouth, reading publicly in two airports, reading theatrically on the plane.  Now that I'm finished, I can finally read all the reviews/interviews/etc.

And I really loved the old poetry collection "Thin Kimono" by Michael Earl Craig.  Here is an interview I haven't read yet.  And maybe if you click this link, Google Books will let you paw through it a little.

In NBA news, very excited for Pau to join the Bulls! And for Lebron to return to the Cavs:)