Have you ever read the book "Desperate Characters" by Paula Fox?  It was written in 1970 and is one of the best books I've ever read.  I just read it for the second time.  It is brutal, but stunning!

I just went to search for a picture of the cover and found out that they made a movie version of it in 1971 with Shirley MacClaine... let's never see it!

Thanks to Jonathan Frazen for rediscovering the book and helping it back into print, and Chris Bachelder for teaching it at Umass-Amherst.

Fun Fact: Fox is Courtney Love's biological grandmother.

Here is a great end-of-year 2013 fiction round-up, full of links and authors to look out for

Here is an interview I did with Kallie Falandays for Lit Bridge about MOODS

Here is a song by John Maus I've been having fun listening to

And another by Janet Jackson that is even better

Do you have a group of poems you want to put in a chapbook?  Consider submitting to Flying Object's Chapbook contest.  Act fast! Submissions close on January 17th.

I'm almost done with my first novel "Paulina & Fran"! It's 48,??? words right now. I'm excited about it!  Besides that I've been playing chess against the computer and getting ready for my workshop "The Strange Page" that starts on January 27th at Flying Object.