Michael Kimball interviews me for Charlotte Viewpoint

The interview can be read here. Michael Kimball is the author of many books, including the new book 'US' which is out with Tyrant Books. Michael helped me edit 'Pee On Water', and is a big help to Publishing Genius Press.

In other news, the NBA lock-out.

Also, Blake Butler/Lily Hoang's dream-child 30 Under 30 is now out (Starcherone Books), with writing from Joanna Ruocco » Brian Oliu » Michael J. Lee » Angi Becker Stevens » Shane Jones » Devin Gribbons » Christina Kloess » James Yeh » William Seabrook » Danielle Adair » Megan Milks » Rachel Glaser » Michael Stewart » Sean Kilpatrick » Andrea Kneeland » Zach Dodson » Beth Couture » Mike Young » Kathleen Rooney & Elisa Gabbert » Joshua Cohen » Matt Bell » Adam Good » Andrew Farkas » Jaclyn Dwyer » Ryan Downey » Ryan Call » Kristina Born » Conor Madigan » Rebecca Jean Kraft » Evenlyn Hampton

I'm very excited to read it!

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