Here is half of my latest commissioned MSpaint, Magic Johnson, painted for the talented and charismatic Michael Kimball! (Click here to see a different view)

Jubilat 20 is out, and filled with great poems by Ben Fama, Peter Gizzi, Shannon Burns, Michelle Taransky, CAConrad, Lesley Yalen, and many more. Come to Flying Object on December 3rd to celebrate the issue and the raffle!

The MLP Stamp Stories Anthology is now available for order. In honor of this publication, Wigleaf published a special edition of 50 word stories. I participated, as did other MLP contributors: Joanna Howard, Joanna Ruocco, Claire Donato, Michael Bible, and more.

Emily Pettit and I's first double workshop reading at Flying Object was a great success. Thanks to all who listened and read.

The new powerhouse of creative, genre-defying, thought-provoking sports blogging, The Classical, is near launching. Currently they have a preview tumblr up, and have started posting.

Hopefully the NBA will return, because right now things are looking bleak.
The NBA looks like this:

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