December News and Links

Poet Jack Christian has a great chat with Poet Mark Leidner about Leidner's Factory Hollow Press book "Beauty Was The Case That They Gave Me"

Pre-orders for Emily Pettit's debut "Goat In The Snow" forthcoming from BIRDS LLC Press

With the news of the upcoming NBA season, writer Bethlehem Shoals writes his first NBA post for new sport blog The Classical

I'm excited to read in Providence, RI where I lived and had fun for so many years at RISD. The reading and panel is at Brown University, part of a program set up by the great Evelyn Hampton and Sarah Tourjee. It will be fun to see old roommate and singer of songs Mike Young, my old fiction teacher Joanna Howard, and the other great readers: Lily Hoang, Matt Bell, and Matt Salesses


Kiersten said...

Hi Rachel,

This comment does not necessarily relate to this post but I'm being lazy and writing to you in the first way I saw/thought of.

I read your story Pee On Water a few years ago when I was on the fiction committee at 14 Hills Magazine (at San Francisco State U). I really liked the story and advocated for it but the committee was too large and confused (not by the story, just as a multi-person entity) to publish it. I've thought of the story a few times since then and wished we'd published it.

I was recently at a friend's house, flipping through a Believer and saw your book mentioned as a reader favorite and was hoping it was the same Pee on Water and am so glad to find that it is, that your story was published and became part of a larger collection. I'm looking forward to obtaining a copy and reading the rest. Congratulations (belatedly) and thank you for the enjoyable story,


Kiersten said...

ps. dig the Muggsy Bogues as well.