any fault of theirs is good

a one wrapped in fives
a surgery for fun

the passed down stay up
a nose
other things lay down

one time I lost a mortal god a dog soul the fate smell
I knew all haunting was privilege
that a wish can be 3-D

there‘d been grace around and it fell all over

a dick is a thick way to say it
a telephone is a place to reform it

a mother reiterates
we recite

believe ghosts
suppose all kinds of mirrors

heroes are gilded then golden so long
they didn't do anything wrong
I like what they did wrong


Let’s breed your family dog with my family do

Your religious beliefs with mine
We can say Jesus existed
He was good looking, charismatic and once did a magic trick

If we still hate the cat tomorrow
Let’s tie him to the train tracks

When we all smoked catnip together, I lied
I did feel different

Something else I didn’t tell you was when I was in the WNBA
I had a very poor shooting streak and couldn’t admit it
I’d miss a three-point attempt and pretend it was an ally-oop
“Where were you Swoops?! The ball was there,” I’d say, “But where the hell were you?”

I’m not joking, I’m crying
Julia Roberts won a Golden Globe and I’m about to get my period
Maybe I’ll get it now
or now
guess later

When I touched your nose before, it was a signal to God
This one, please put this nose on my kid
When I have one, this nose
When I have one, this kid

All I know is one thing:
Hairs really love to grow out of a mole
A home run feels nice cuz everyone can take their time
People marry easy and it’s like playing Blackjack scared

Also, that Thanksgiving didn’t happen how they said
All it was, was two Indian boys who shared some deer meat with two Pilgrim girls
and (big surprise)
their families freaked out
The girls got sent to boarding school, the boys were sent into the woods to “think”
And not even the same woods
The boys were sent to two different woods that were very far apart
One of them died


Feminine in water

a way to keep hair good is to use goo

she tries this and feels sexy

she struts around her condo and feels fancy
then she calms down

she is lucky
she realizes
many women only feel feminine in the water

only near dolphins
or when a saxophone sweats and strains

many feel feminine when a black man is in the room
when an egg wiggles ass in a pan
when a cop interrupts her evening

a motorbike rumbles beneath her
a refrigerator turns its light on

a dog is enthusiastic
or her meal is very delicious

other women only feel feminine in the air
piloting planes
jumping rope

to feel feminine is to feel cursive handwriting
to feel wild animals

to have two legs
in water with the water as close as it can be
but moving to let her move wherever