New Very Well Written Review!

At the Faster Times by Robert Tumas

Also, I read last night with Ben Fama for Lauren Ireland's The Reading at Chrystie St. series and Ben and Lauren were both really funny and it was fun!

I'm going to read again in New York sometime in February with my good friend Julio Cesar Gonzalez in a priest's abandoned quarters. Julio is going to play in his band Sister Big Stuff, and we will do at least one collaborative piece.

Mike Young's release reading for Look! Look! Feathers is tonight in NYC here.


Reading in One Week From Tomorrow

I'm excited to be reading, after a not having read in awhile. The reading will be
Thursday, December 16th, 7 PM in the West Village for The Reading at Chrystie Street with
Ben Fama
165 West 4th Street, at 6th Avenue

Thanks to Ben and Lauren Ireland for helping this happen!



short short story up at Everyday Genius


Summer Tour Over!

Thanks to all who attended and organized our readings! Who let us sleep in their houses! Who cooked us interesting meals! Thanks to Natalie Lyalin and Mike Young, who read fantastically every time!



Soon you will be able to preorder an advanced copy, but not just yet. Probably in late June/early July for $14.


This June, Mike Young, Natalie Lyalin and myself are going on a reading tour

so far
June 16th Philadelphia at BOOK space 1113 Frankford Avenue (1/2 block south of Girard Ave. ) Philadelphia, PA 19125
June 17th D.C. at Barrelhouse Presents at Wonderland Ballroom at 7:00 1101 KENYON ST, NW WASHINGTON DC 20010
June 18th Richmond, VA at Chop Suey Books
June 21 Atlanta at Blake and Amy's Solar Anus Series at 7pm at Beep Beep Gallery
June 22 Durham, N.C.
June 23 Charlottesville, VA (tba)probably at a house!
June 24 Baltimore at the Hexagon at 7 1825 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201

There will be some NY dates in the summer and fall
and also,

August 4th Mike and I will read with Blake Butler at brookline booksmith (organized by Gene Kwak)

September/October Mike and I will be reading with Mairead Byrne in Providence (and possibly Boston again or Cambridge or Western MASS)

September Mike and I will read with Tao Lin in Ann Arbor, MI for the Great Lakes Great Times reading series

Also, do you believe Delonte West/LeBron's Mom?

may the Suns make it to the Finals, and LeBron to the Bulls


Reading this Friday (the 19th)

join us at 7 PM in the A.P.E. Gallery in downtown Northampton for a reading
by Jon Cotner and Andy Fitch, whose collaborative book Ten Walks/Two
Talks has just been released by Ugly Duckling Presse.

Also reading will be me from my new chapbook Heroes Are So
Long (Minutes Books, 2010) and Nat
Otting of his 4 minute poem.


the Bears: Philip, Fancy, and Craig

during the lunch-time lull
a girl danced in front of the cage

recently escaping her mother
the girl shimmied around like a famous girl on tv

Craig dropped his doughnut immediately and it made a dull ffp
Philip slowly rotated his head
he scratched his eye

sunlight hit the girl's braces and blinded Fancy when he looked up
he chased the red spot
ran into the pond

the girl laughed and she danced and danced fast
the zoo worker looked up from his cellphone and almost smiled

the bears congregated in the gazebo

the zoo worker loudly tried out ring-tones

the bears whined a sound like wood scraping wood

the wood rubbed the girl's ribs

she stopped dancing and the wood hit wood and hit her mother

her mother was so ready to scold but heard

Craig's hairs stuck out from the wooden whine

an ant discovered the doughnut and feasted for hours

Fancy's whine dropped pitch and now there was harmony

the zoo worker could not hear ring tones

the girl became unafraid


buying money

I really really miss buying money
I would use my socks and my candy and I would buy money
a good alternative for someone with old items

the pink toaster, feather headdress, cute lamp, Merlin’s hat, hot pink calculator, deluxe toothbrush set, my pet balloon

I would lay it out on the trundle

this was usually after we ran the pro races
he wore the entire pro athletic clothing set (shoes, vest and shorts)
my pocket was puffed with cash

we ran one pro race per day
then bathed
and did homework

he brushed his teeth with my deluxe toothbrush
and I brushed with an ordinary one from the store
then I bought money

I knew about money
that it piled exact and thin
that it bundled in families and waited in suitcases
it could turn at any moment into a pool
or a fat fat turkey
a dripping diamond necklace

it wasn't trash, though it smelled so old

but he displayed his clothes in his room
it was filled with things
it had grown into materials
he had more yo-yos than days of the week
he wore his pro sleepwear
he was a mansion owner in his bedroom
and he was only 5


the brinking point!

the literary agencies called my parents
and I got in trouble
and I liked it there

I gave myself a daring haircut
like I'd always thought was suiting for the brinking point of something dramatic

I did all the dramatic things
like running the wrong way on an escalator
ripping a letter to shreds

breaking a plate on the table
wiping a booger on glass

my friends finally emailed
they said, "how are you"
and "what is new"
I watched them get pushed back and back into older pages

there have been so many businesses I have almost made
bright, floppy businesses
that one might run fervently, lazily, obscenely easily

tvs look so ominous!
the internet waves on fire

I bought the bad shiny magazines
I was addicted to school!

the jobs bounced off me comically

the shower kept going and going
it's liking us!
it did feel like that
it kept complimenting us
and holding us
it was heating us
like to show we were powerful
it heat us and beat us nicely
but then the soap gave me hives

though I have mostly new clothes
I can't help but picture all my x boyfriends
running around in a field
one of them has a video camera
and the others are strongly opposed


Studying Counseling Psychology, I'm affectionate, funny, articulate
I'm Quentin.
I currently love cities.
Crawling to the café, I am a not a fan (so much) of sports.
I love vintage beaches.
I'm a passionate person,
I rarely do anything subtly rewarding.
but sometimes I like to play complicated board games.

What am I doing with my life?

Working hard on my current passion.
Obeying the speed limit.

I am engaged in some sort of project.

I'm looking for a conversation that wanders through a multitude of subjects, the art, music, politics, food, news, and everything and anything else that interests you.


didn't call Aetna again

Today I didn't call Aetna
I hate having friends
I dream on tv

the forms keep on coming
the postage is iffy
a bed will love anyone but the couch
it has died

the Burroughs book broke you
the Grass book, he likes you
the Jane Bowles is waiting, and giggling, and living

my guitar's in a coma
my father had a father
and his father had two fathers
and those fathers had opinions
and the opinions grew furry
and the wives grew worried
and here the history twists and its
all in dull greys
its cave painting on dust
graffiti on trucks

I read it for an assignment in front of the class
it broke my audio recorder
so I used sound effects

I have walked into a cloud of people and passed

I was the non-drug among a bunch of drugs
I mean there was a party and it spread through entirety

it spread through entirely
you tried to explain it, but then got stuck so rolled around
and re-recalled it
dug through all your email account accounts for

there was a town and we filled it
a reality hung light like a net, over a group

it was nurses
and ball players

there was a group of old chess players
there were badass genius babies

it was a brave before
but then you took too many pictures of it


I'm Reading

This Thursday the 21st with Mike Young at Green Street Cafe in Northampton, MA. It starts at 7:30 and I hear Thurston's Moore's car mechanic will be there!



the NFL wakes up when it sleeps
she snores when she snuggles

I read the Murikami book all winter and it grew pages
the character watched people's faces for a whole chapter and ate donuts
I had my own name when I read that book
something the character called me

the NFL is too tired to stretch
she lumbers up the stairs

she sat on my origami mansion when I was a kid

what do I know?

I babysit lofts in Brooklyn
I keep them company

once I saw the NFL in person
she breathed light into my eyes
it was thanksgiving
she picked up the other team's play phone as a joke

the Murakami book could crush some origami
it is fatter than the Bowles book
it is reading the Richard Hughes book

I babysat a loft that had an Italian bathroom you could see into
I found the Murikami book by itself
it was too quiet to watch tv
my friends were all with other friends
I felt like my own boring secret
my phone was sucking up a charge
the loft was full of art and money
there were several beautiful hundred dollar bills in a spread on the desk
it was like a good hand of cards
it seemed exactly like a test

the NFL is too huge to sleep
she goes crazy when she's good
her heart slams
she dances
she wants us to watch her