the doctors

the secretaries were hugely fat
their kid was rebellious
and after school had to sniff in the waiting room
waiting for nothing
dropping a plastic cup
becoming slowly huge

there was a sculpture about the body
but I knew not to look
every bad part of a body beats and strains
is famous in the body because it has its own ache

on the ground in the doctors we talked about men
the blood crept in a straw
I gave up like a dog
breathed the huge fake breathes the new age ones, they welled like lakes
in the ugly office
I'd thought she was killer, but then she was sweet, sweet, like a stranger

lying on the ground is more secure than balancing in a person's stance
in a sit
rising like a genie out of your chair
I chose the floor

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I'm going to call it "Pee On Water and Other Stories"
like I originally thought for many years