Fun Opening in NY! November 5th

girls club reading of Anthony Kiedis 'Me Book'

from my vantage point I can see a few minutes handcrafted in Italy

no impurities will pass through my brand new blood stream
I just lie back and relax

I could stick a needle into a thousand-dollars

this is a wonderful smelling gas, legal in Europe

I shot Mexican gangbangers
my doctor is preventative
I've been able to channel my brothers
I seek out wild salmon



I am no expert

I cry two eyes

I cannot rap onstage

I eat Nutella like an Egyptian Queen

I make the spoon a candy

people get nervous in small talk in elevators

they wonder if they have headaches

when people my age go dancing

I paste coupons in an album

when a strange number calls

I leap to the phone like flames

my plants sag

my basil withers with low self-esteem

Egyptian Queens smell really strange but that is half the fun

their headdresses fall in their soup

their soup was made by slaves

their lovers are not proud

their Nutella is spooned incessantly

through hot ass afternoons


here is a commissioned Charles Barkely portrait

email me if you'd like me to paint an athlete, historical figure, loved one for $$$


this wednesday in amherst, ma

winner of I should make visual what? survey


but now i see that 'Mysterious Woman Committing A Crime" is tied, so I will do that one too



October 8th, 7PM (on the dot!), at Northampton Booklink. Upstairs in the
Thornes. 150 Main Street. Heart of Downtown Northampton. Cozy! Novel!

ELLIOT HARMON! The redheaded wonder! From North Dakota by way of San Francisco!
The poet laureate of Ms. Pacman! Editor of Idiolexicon! Whose work has appeared
in DIAGRAM, NOÖ Journal, and elsewhere! Who knows the news anchor's taking
lessons on sounding like she's from here!

JOHN MARADIK! Curlyheaded provocateur of Hugo's bouncers! Angel with sentences
of flint! Published in American Short Fiction! Climbing up the rockfaces of
narrative splendor!

ROBIN MCLEAN! Who has driven her wit and beauty from Alaska to Massachusetts and
back again! Who has elevated the bonfire to spiritual raucous! Writer of
characters that whistle with punch and frankheaded grace!