"Triple Overtime" and "Turid"

My art show "Triple Overtime" opens at P-R-I-M-E-T-I-M-E Gallery on June 15th.  Here is the Facebook invite.  Please stop by!

I've been discovering a lot of interesting sports painting on the internet these days.  Here is one of my favorites:

Shouldn't the Basketball Hall of Fame look more like that??

In writing news, my strange short story "Turid," originally printed in 'Cousin Corrine's Reminder' has been reprinted in 'Cleaver Magazine' alongside a lot of great writing! 

Two writer friends of mine, Jack Christian and Gabe Durham are about to embark on the tour for their first books!  Are they coming to a place near you?  They are reading with phenomenal people everywhere they go!

Lastly, tonight John and I read aloud the first chapter of one of the Wayside School books and several lines were cracking us up.