New York Tyrant 7 / Brian Evenson Release PArty this Saturday in Ny

my story The MAgic Umbrella is in 7. I might be in attendance. will anyone else?


the face was hilarious

staring from a book cover
it seemed like we could feed it
so you bought it for your mother

she thought it was too sexual
we laughed all through dinner

it gave me headaches
but we wanted to show your brother

he was drunk at the movies

but in his room with the book
it still made us laugh

it had a hold on our evening
we read it as we waited and it was just a boring biography

you kissed the face as a joke, kissed the book
the face was at a dead stop
but also outrageously human

the joke was ruined by the kissing
a fact we'd exaggerated
made special very on purpose

I took it home and read a big chunk
the american male biography
I looked for the pinpointing, the expanding, the sex
it was a smooth, frictionless biography
the kind you can't live with